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Elemental Theatre Company’s Trailer for John Mighton’s “Possible Worlds”

With video you can do so much more to promote your theatre production. While you can show scenes from the play (after it is onstage and running). While you’re still in production, you can create a trailer which gives the audience a taste of the language, introduce them to the actors, and give a feeling of the atmosphere and tone of the production.

Here is a trailer I created with Elemental Theatre Collective of Providence, Rhode Island for their production of John Mighton’s Possible Worlds which runs this week only at Perishable Theatre in Providence.

If you’re interested in creating a trailer for your theatre production contact me.

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Video of The Resurrectionists’ residency at The Lizard Lounge

Recently, I’ve been working with the Boston band, The Resurrectionists, create some new content for the launch of their new website and also their new album, My Chainsaw Heart, early next year. They are doing a month long residency Tuesday nights in November (except for the 16th) at The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge. Here are videos from November 2.

If you’re a solo performing artist or a band, hiring a videographer to shoot your gigs and create some YouTube videos of your live performances is a great way to engage fans. I shoot in HD and use a recording studio quality microphone to capture high-quality audio which can also be distributed to fans as a free download.

If you’re interested in having some video shot of your shots, contact me.

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